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Characteristic Traits of Different Types of Breast Cancer

BY: Ritu Choudhary | Category: Breast Cancer | Submitted: 2010-06-13 10:34:49
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Cancer is one of the most complicated types of diseases. Breast cancer is also among the many forms of it. This is the type of cancer that occurs mostly in case of the women. However, it has been found that each kind of breast cancer has distinct attribute that makes its detection easier during the diagnosis and other procedures. Breast lumps form tumors within a specific part of the body converting it to deadly cancer. There are approximately about 80% of women who possess lumps that are benign in nature that exhibits non-cancerous characteristic trait. Some kinds of breast cancer show detectable lumps, while some of them engage themselves in the invasion of the breast tissues by flinging tentacles. Though in many cases, even the lump shapes are not visible that makes its detection more difficult.

Division of the cells is one of the vital functions of the human body that helps in carrying out different activities within it. When these cells start dividing rapidly in an abnormal manner, it gets collecting within a specified area forming tumors that is the very first stage of cancer. In fact, the term lump is not an appropriate one rather mass of cells is more suitable while defining the detecting signs for breast cancer. There are two states in which the cancerous cells could be found in a human body, namely metastasis and invasive. The former defines the state where the cancer travels from one site to the second one, while the latter describes the state where the cancer spreads from the initial site to the other organs nearby. Breast cancer, however, can occur with any of the phases within a human's body. Many natural protective measures can be followed by the people in order to stay away from getting affected of this form of cancer.

Many forms of breast cancer are there that possess distinct characteristic and modes of treatment. The first and foremost among these is the Ductal Carcinoma in situ. As per the reports of the American Cancer Society, it has been proved that this is the form of breast cancer that is the most common one among the women. In this case, the lumps are found to be present in the milk duct lining. These lumps are not invasive in nature and are believed to be the early form of breast cancer. In addition to this, it must also be stated that if left untreated, this cancer may get transformed into invasive one and affect other organs too.

The second form of breast cancer is the Lobular Carcinoma in Situ. It also shows many signs that prove it to be dangerous if gets developed to an invasive one. When the abnormal cells get amalgamated in the lobules of the organ that is the breast, this type of cancer is formed. The lobules are the part that helps in the milk production in the body of women and connects it to the duct. Thus, the emergence of this type of cancer may affect the motherhood of the females. The third form of cancer when it comes to breast is Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. When cancer gets spread beyond the boundary of the clustering of cancer cells, this phase of the disease comes into existence. This form also affects the internal part of the milk ducts.

The fourth one is the Invasive Lobular Carcinoma that also forms in the lobules and then gets spread outside this area that surrounds the breast tissue. The last one is the Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This is the phase of cancer that does not get easily identified as it does not produce any recognizable lump. Thus, it is advised to the women to go for regular checkups so that they ensure their healthy and wealthy life.

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