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Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases which mankind has ever seen. Not all cancers are curable, but certain types of cancers can be treated provided they are diagnosed at an early stage. Removing tissues infected with cancer (or the entire organ) is one of the most common ways to deal with the problem. Chemotherapy procedure might also be performed based on one's personal situation.

Per our understanding, so far the doctors not have been able to find a completely non-invasive treatment for cancer. We hope that non-surgical treatments are not too far off as the science evolves and constantly discovers better cures.

This website is dedicated to cancer survivors, cancer victims and people who would like to voluntarily contribute useful information about cancer so that others can benefit from it. None of the articles on this website should be considered as an experts advice, as anyone on the internet can contribute cancer articles. Therefore it is possible that some articles may contain inaccurate information. You should always consult your doctor for a personalized treatment and let them decide what is best for you.

You can post articles about Cancer Symptoms, Diagnosis, Treatment and Surgery. If you are a Cancer Survivor, we will gladly publish your story.

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  • Career opportunities and salary for Indian nurses in India and abroad    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Indian nurses work in various parts of the world. Before the Information Technology boom, the only profession which used to export a lot of professionals was the nursing profession. This opportunity for Indian nurses in various countries made the profession very popular >> Category: Other
  • Running to Drop Weight - Things You Must Know    By: Celina Estep

    Walking is low impact, this means it is easy on your bones and joints. As a result walking is a great way to get you up and to begin with losing weight. >> Category: Brain Tumors
  • Diet For Breast Cancer Clients    By: Katia Branch

    Training can also protect against cancer till a specific extent. This panic will get less in time, which is the good information. >> Category: Cancer Prevention
  • Tinnitus Heal - Your Research For a Treatment Method    By: Quincy Oneill

    Medicines, on the other hand, need to be approved by your medical doctor, and will vary in accordance to your certain problem. There are acupuncture points that can be beneficial for tinnitus sufferers. >> Category: Other
  • Different Types of Surgical Procedures of Rectal Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Surgery is the cure for a rectal cancer. The radiotherapy and chemotherapy are currently adjunctive therapies appointed by doctors. By performing various surgeries on rectum adverse consequences could have been avoided. The procedure involves removing the rectum, in part or in whole, depending on the location of rectal cancer. >> Category: Cancer Surgery
  • Promising Foods in the Prevention of Childhood Leukemia    By: Ritu Choudhary

    From a study epidemiologique1 which is underway in California since 1995 and focuses on childhood leukemiascientists have sought to discover which foods, eaten in the first years of life, were most likely to prevent the development of leukemia in children. Oranges and bananas on the menu of baby during his first two years of life would reduce risk of being diagnosed with leukemia. >> Category: Cancer Prevention
  • What are the Techniques of Diagnosing Prostate Cancer?    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The diagnosis of cancer of the prostate is usually suspected during an increase in the value of PSA , when an abnormality has been detected in rectal or urinary symptoms or general (fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss) are present. The time between the discovery of something abnormal and early treatment may seem long. >> Category: Prostate Cancer
  • Only Possible Prevention of Pancreatic Cancer is to Avoid Known Risk Factors    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Pancreatic cancer affects more men than women. It occurs most often after age 55. A Chronic and excessive use of alcohol is probably the most serious risk factor of pancreatic cancer. It has also been implicated as risk factors for eating too much, especially animal fat, diabetes mellitus. In reality, the risk factors are poorly known. However, this cancer can occur without any known risk factor. >> Category: Pancreatic Cancer
  • Surgery is the Basic and Best Treatment of Colon-rectum Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Colonoscopy is the best method to detect colon cancer. Here gastroentologist first introduces the colonoscope as far as possible, and then gradually visualizes the entire colonic mucosa. Once the cancer is diagnosed, the basic treatment of cancer of the colon rectum is surgery. >> Category: Colon and Rectal Cancer
  • Adopt Healthy Food Habits in Combating the Development of Lung Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Adopt lifestyles that reduce the risk of being affected by lung cancer. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in the diet, particularly cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. Flax seeds are a unique source of lignans, which can prevent lung cancer, but they are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which help reduce heart disease. >> Category: Lung Cancer
  • Childhood Cancer: The Second Leading Cause of Death Among Children    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The childhood cancers are rare and their causes are still poorly known but they exist. They represent 2% of all cancers and affect about 1,500 to 2,000 children and adolescents each year. Half of childhood cancer occurring before age 5 years, affecting both neonates and infants. Thus, the number of childhood cancers has increased by 1% per year since the 70's. >> Category: Childhood Cancer
  • Pancreatic Cancer: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The pancreas is a gland in the abdomen, behind the stomach, which is divided into three parts: tail, body and head. This organ has two important functions in the body. It produces juices participating and helping digestion, emptying into the intestine, and it produces insulin directly discharged into the blood. >> Category: Pancreatic Cancer
  • Surgery of Bladder Cancer: Cystectomy Robotics    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The robotic surgical systems have prompted a new era of minimally invasive surgery options. For years, surgeons and oncologists who specialize in urology have been entrusted to the minimally invasive nature and the virtues of preservation of the nerves of the procedure known as laparoscopic cystectomy to offer patients the most effective treatment for bladder cancer. >> Category: Cancer Surgery
  • Radiotherapy Most Effective Immediately After Breast Surgery    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The researchers, led by a team of scientists Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Also found that appears to decrease the risk of recurrence if they started before the radiation treatment. This suggests that it is a bad idea to wait to start radiation therapy, treatment should begin as soon as possible after surgery. >> Category: Breast Cancer
  • How to Manage Life After Cancer Detection | Boost Emotions and Spirits    By: Ritu Choudhary

    It is not easy to manage life and emotions when one is suddenly diagnosed with cancer. Tips to cope up once the Cancer is detected are discussed here >> Category: Other
  • Garlic Lowers the Risk of Developing Several Types of Cancers    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Research conducted in recent years has helped to define major mechanisms by which family vegetables, garlic prevent the development of several cancers, especially those affecting the digestive system. Odor molecules released by the crushing of these vegetables have the ability to accelerate the elimination from the body of toxic carcinogens, thereby reducing the risk. >> Category: Cancer Research and News
  • Factors That Aggravate the Risk of Lung Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    In general, the risk of developing cancer increases for a person who smokes and is exposed to one of the risk factors below. Therefore in all cases it is strongly advised to stop smoking. >> Category: Lung Cancer
  • Preventive Effects of Green Tea in Different Types of Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Drink several cups of green tea per day or supplement you. Results from studies of populations living in areas at high risk of lung cancer, stomach or esophagus, indicate that regular green tea drinkers have lower incidence and lower mortality for these types cancer. >> Category: Other
  • Effective Phytonutrients in the Prevention of Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Curcumin and Resveratrol are the two new effective phytonutrients in the prevention of cancer. Curcumin is a yellow pigment extracted from the rhizome of Curcuma longa. Curcumin appears to be effective in animals in leukemias, lymphomas, cancers of the colon, skin, kidney and breast. A study of patients with oral cancer and skin showed that 18 months of treatment with curcumin can reduce the smell >> Category: Cancer Prevention
  • Strong Support System Can Easily Defeat Breast Cancer Patient's Fear    By: Ritu Choudhary

    At diagnosis of cancer, you may first feel overwhelmed and do not know where to turn for support. Of course, there are family and friends who will help and be there to listen. Your first stop is your doctor. Doctors in general are very busy and you do not want what you see as the requirements of their time. You can expect the doctor to treat breast cancer and all the tests you may need to continue >> Category: Breast Cancer
  • Correlation Between Breast Cancer Hormone Replacement Therapy    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The most recent studies have shown that increased risk of breast cancer is linked to a long-term treatment, in addition, the type of estrogen and progesterone as well as how to take Treatment (route) also plays an important role. It is therefore important that hormone therapy is tailored to the individual woman. The hormone replacement therapy slightly increases the baseline risk as well as other >> Category: Breast Cancer
  • Childhood Cancer: Prognostic Factor in Determining the Choice of Treatment    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The management of childhood cancer uses the same methods of treatment in adults i.e. chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy. After careful analysis of prognostic factors, the therapeutic strategy is developed, so multidisciplinary teams in specialized pediatric cancer. It should be emphasized in children on the major role of chemotherapy, particularly effective on embryonic tumors, and whose advances >> Category: Childhood Cancer
  • Prevention of Cervical Cancer by Vaccination    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Each year it has been identified that approximately 6000 women in different parts of Europe suffers from cervical cancer. This form of cancer (cervical) affects women of all ages, but most common is among women aged between 30 to 60 years of age. Therefore, for women of this age it is very important for have a facility of organized screening in hospitals, clinics etc. >> Category: Cervical Cancer
  • Dogs Can Detect Prostate Cancer!    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The prostate is a gland in men that is wrapped around the urethra, located below the bladder. The function of the prostate is to produce a milky fluid that the sperm during orgasm to be added by way of transport. The prostatic fluid is taking between fifteen and thirty percent of the total volume of semen. It also prevents the prostate that sperm flows into the bladder. Finally, the prostate is a >> Category: Prostate Cancer
  • Prevention of Cancer Through Diet and Lifestyle    By: Ritu Choudhary

    A very innovative report was published in the year 2006 which bold headings saying, 'Nutrition, diet, physical activity and cancer prevention: a global perspective' by the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF). Many researchers and international scientific groups have contributed to this report. This report on cancer shows that a number of common forms of cancer and how easily they can be prevented by >> Category: Cancer Prevention
  • Umbilical Cord Blood to Treat Patients With Acute Myeloid Leukemia Treatment    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Stem cells can be made from umbilical cord blood. Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) occurs mostly in the elderly. Every year about thousands of people across the world suffer from leukemia. AML has been observed to be very common in people above the age of fifty five and their treatment using chemotherapy and radiotherapy is the last resort. But treatment of leukemia by vaccination is a god's gift for >> Category: Leukemia
  • Discussion on Preoperative Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Rectal Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    These are guidelines for the treatment of rectal cancer after regional consultations. Local recurrence after Radiotherapy: After 5 years follow-up within the TME study a clear reduction in the number of local recurrences seen: for the entire patient population, there is a reduction of 11.4% in the TME only group to 5.8% in the RT group. This finding underscores the excellent results that can be >> Category: Colon and Rectal Cancer
  • Children and Cancer's Facts and Treatments    By: Ritu Choudhary

    In Europe, one in five hundred children cancer suffer from cancer. On average more than 70 percent heal after proper diagnosis and treatment. 30 percent of all cancer patients have leukemia (blood cancer). Twenty percent had a brain tumor. The remaining tumors are often in kidneys, bones and muscles. >> Category: Childhood Cancer
  • Multiple Sex Partners May Lead to Cervical Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Cervical cancer, also called cervical cancer, is a malignant disease that originates in the lining of the cervix / neck (cervical). The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus that protrudes into the vagina (vagina) and about 2 inches long. The genesis of cervical cancer is very slow. From the first change in the lining of the cervix to the diagnosis of cancer can be 10 to 15 years. Cervical can >> Category: Cervical Cancer
  • Breast Cancer May Be a Common Disease But It is Treatable.    By: Ritu Choudhary

    In a mammary gland there are possibilities of development of malignant tumor. It is not clear why this happens. A tumor in the breast occurs in the initial situation remains confined to the breast. Later, the tumor can spread through the bloodstream and lymph vessels and grow into adjacent tissue. This is a spreading (metastasis) called. Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. About 1 in >> Category: Breast Cancer
  • Treatment of Brain Tumor    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Glioma is type of tumor that originates in the brain or spine. The main problem in the treatment of a glioma is that the tumor cells of glioma as a unit does not stay together, but spread along the connective fiber paths of the brains. Hence they start affecting the normal brain cells even in the early stages of tumor. Gliomas do not percolate to other organs. The treatment of a glioma is not an o >> Category: Other
  • Why Do we Constantly Hear Talk About Cancer These Days?    By: Ritu Choudhary

    60 years ago, the word diagnosis and breast cancer did not exist in the vocabulary. The deaths were from natural causes, aged, chronic illness or accidents. In this article, I concentrate myself entirely to a cancer that affects us, especially us women. You probably guess that it is breast cancer, because 1 in 9 women is suffering from cancer. >> Category: Breast Cancer
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis of Brain Tumors in Children    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Brain tumors account for one quarter of all children with solid tumors. It is also possible to find tumors in infants. Localization can be done anywhere in the brain, unlike the long accepted concept. >> Category: Brain Tumors
  • The Symptoms of Leukemia is Most General    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The biggest problem with Leukemia is its detection on basis of its symptoms. Here we have listed below some symptom (s) for informational purposes only. One can not and must not establish a diagnosis with this information. >> Category: Leukemia
  • Frequently Asked Question (FAQ's) of Colon Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    [b]What is a cancer of the colon or rectum/ [/b]It is adenocarcinoma, developed at the expense of the epithelial glands. The macroscopic form is the most common ulcerative fungating tumor. It may be polypoid and sessile, or limited to part of an adenomatous polyp. The invasive forms are very rare. >> Category: Colon and Rectal Cancer
  • How to Cope-up With Childhood Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    More and more teens are now faced with cancer, or because someone closer has cancer in their immediate environment (family, friends) or because they themselves have cancer. When a child parent has cancer or someone else close had experiences with cancer, this may be difficult for a child to understand and to handle. >> Category: Childhood Cancer
  • Liver Cancer is Among the Most Frequently Occuring Cancer in Humans    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The liver is a major internal organs of our body. Press under the ribs on the right you can almost touch the liver. Its shape is similar to a pyramid and is divided into two lobes, right and left. Unlike many other organs, the liver receives blood from two major vessels: the hepatic artery, which put an oxygen from the lungs, the vein nutrient-rich blood from the gut, the liver performs multiple f >> Category: Liver Cancer
  • A Brief Introduction to Leukemia: One of Worst Forms of Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Some readers, perhaps that was diagnosed with leukemia, want to know what is leukemia, others believe they already know because they read a lot about (Medical Journal). Most patients, who had been a bit 'involved in this matter, has in common the fact of thinking only 'blood values. The medicine does not know what is leukemia. Do not know the reasons. But I believe that both malignant and, if untr >> Category: Leukemia
  • How to Prevent Lung Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Bronchi, bronchi-oles and lungs are coated with a thin layer of tissue called epithelium. 95 percent of lung cancers originated right in the bronchus and is called bronchogenic carcinoma (that originated from the bronchi). In the remaining 5 percent of cases the origin may be in different tissues that compose the lung, such as the nervous and endocrine tissues (in this case we speak of pulmonary ca >> Category: Cancer Prevention
  • Effectiveness of Cancer Surgery Over Chemotherapy    By: Ritu Choudhary

    It is not very yet clear that whether the patients undergoing surgery for cancer spends a quality life. It is clear that those patients who has been operated for cancer is actually worse than those patients who has been treated with chemotherapy. It seems however that those patients who have been well-established chemotherapy survivors, regardless of survival, report a better quality of life compa >> Category: Cancer Surgery
  • Cigarette Smoking Can Cause Death Due to Lung Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The lungs are two organs symmetrical, spongy, placed in the chest. Their function is to transfer oxygen to the bloodstream and breathed scrubbed the carbon dioxide produced by the body. Lung cancer affects this function because it causes uncontrolled growth of certain lung cells (those that constitute the bronchi, bronchioles and alveoli) which may constitute a mass obstructing the smooth flow of >> Category: Lung Cancer
  • Surgical Treatment of Breast Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The treatment of breast cancer appears to be a multidisciplinary process where the surgery is only part, though essential, of the therapeutic that must integrate with other professionals as part of a team dedicated specifically to pathology. It is now accepted that the treatment of cancer patients in dedicated units or areas that can provide integrated multidisciplinary breast paths ca >> Category: Cancer Surgery
  • Therapy of Thyroid Cancer - Quick Tips    By: Ritu Choudhary

    This study aims to present some experiences that you can experience during the process of diagnosis and treatment of thyroid cancer. With better information and better preparation, many critical situations of an emotional, physical and doctor can be managed more effectively. >> Category: Other
  • Quit Smoking and Stay Away From Pancreatic Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Quit smoking and stay away from pancreatic cancer The pancreas is a gland situated in the abdomen behind the stomach and above the kidneys. It consists of two parts. The pancreas 'exocrine' secret many digestive enzymes essential for digestion, while the endocrine pancreas, composed of islets of Langerhans, synthesizes hormones like insulin that regulates blood sugar in the blood. >> Category: Pancreatic Cancer
  • What Are the Causative Factors Linked to Cervical Cancer?    By: Ritu Choudhary

    What are the causative factors linked to cervical cancer? Infection with human papillomavirus: The greatest risk factor of cervical cancer of the uterus is an cervix infection with (HPV)human papillomavirus. Most women had been affected by the virus before developing the disease. Infection with HPV is very common, especially among women under 30 years.. >> Category: Cervical Cancer
  • What Are the Foods For Prevention of Prostate Cancer?    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer among men in many western countries after lung cancer. Yet there is a way to prevent this cancer by the administration of food supplements. Most cases are diagnosed in men 65 years or more. The type of treatment you receive for prostate cancer will often depend on how far your cancer has progressed. The progression of prostate cancer is >> Category: Prostate Cancer
  • Research Work in Cervical    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Monitor, understand, treat cervical cancer. The Pasteur Institute has several teams mobilized against cancer of the cervix, due to certain types of HPV and the second most common cancer in women worldwide. >> Category: Cancer Research and News
  • Prevent Cancer by Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle    By: Ritu Choudhary

    This article is aimed at prevention of cancer instead of its treatment. Nutrition can help in cancer prevention, and in this article we will recommend few scientific advice of prevention of cancer with use of few possible nutritional diets. >> Category: Cancer Prevention
  • Mesothelioma is a Dangerous Disease Which Has Taken Several Life    By: Ritu Choudhary

    It is a benign or malignant, derived from serous tissues (pleura, peritoneum, pericardium). The pleural mesothelioma is a primary cancer, that is to say that it develops at the expense of the pleura without metastasis of another cancer. In 70-80% of cases, this cancer is related to exposure to asbestos may have occurred 30-40 years ago. We can expect an increase of this disease until 2020 because >> Category: Other
  • If Detected Early, Skin Cancer Can Be Cured Permanently    By: Ritu Choudhary

    If detected early, skin cancer can be cured permanently If detected early, skin cancer can be cured permanently. Watch therefore any change in your pigmented spots, moles and lesions rough. [b]Caner of the few: the importance of screening[/b] Cancer of the skin or 'malignant melanoma' is one of the most formidable of all cancers. Indeed, it can kill, so it's only 2 mm thick. It is responsible e >> Category: Melanoma and Skin Cancer
  • Lung Cancer Becoming Common in Women as Well    By: Ritu Choudhary

    What is lung cancer? The lung is an organ commonly affected by cancer. It may be primary or secondary tumors. The primary lung cancer are actually cancers of the bronchi. Secondary tumors is develops lung metastases from primary tumors in other organs. >> Category: Lung Cancer
  • Warning Signs and Diagnosis of Lymphoma    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Lymphomas are tumors of the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system defends the agency. It consists of cells (lymphocytes) of lymph nodes, spleen, tonsils, but is also present in all organs (especially the bone marrow, intestines, glands,).. Lymphoma can develop from one of two large families of lymphocytes: B lymphocytes or T lymphocytes >> Category: Lymphoma Cancer
  • What Are Different Types of Diagnostic Methods of Mesothelioma    By: Ritu Choudhary

    To confirm the diagnosis, your doctor will perform one or more of the following tests. Imaging Techniques: These techniques allow to carry out a thorough examination of tissues, organs and bones. The X-ray, ultrasound, CT and magnetic resonance imaging are means for your health care team to get a picture of the tumor to see if it has spread. >> Category: Mesothelioma Cancer
  • Childhood Leukemia is One Dangerous Disease    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The acute leukemia is defined as the abnormal proliferation in the bone marrow, a cell clone abnormality from lymphocytic or myeloid lineages; and locked at a specific distinction. >> Category: Other
  • Effective Diagnosis of Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    If a person has what might be symptoms of cancer, your doctor will order analysis to be performed. From the analysis we can understand if the person actually has cancer. Usually, the analysis shows which part of the body has cancer. There are some commonly used tests to detect cancer. A person with symptoms may be subjected to one or more of these tests. >> Category: Other
  • Incidence and Surgical Treatment of Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    With 240,000 new cases estimated in 1995 (135,000 to 105,000 men and women) cancer based health concern is at the center of attentions. It is estimated, in fact, that two men and three women are likely to have cancer during their lifetime. The chances of getting cancer increase with the age. Ten people for every 100,000 cases registered for cancer has children in the age between 5 to 14 years. But >> Category: Other
  • Increase Your Awareness With the Causes of Lung Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    The main cause of lung cancer is smoking. Lung cancer is usually caused by smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke, but it can have other causes. Researchers have estimated that over 90% of cases of lung cancer in men and at least 70% of those in women are caused directly by smoking. >> Category: Lung Cancer
  • Additional Tests For Rectal Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    What are the objectives of further investigations? Additional tests have two main functions, first it confirm the diagnosis of rectal cancer; and second it determine whether cancerous cells have spread to areas near the rectum, particularly in the pelvis or in more remote locations, such as lung or liver. >> Category: Colon and Rectal Cancer
  • Follow-up Care Can Help You to Fight Against Skin Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Follow-up care can help you and your healthcare team to check your progress and assess how you are recovering from treatment. Initially the support of your monitoring will be performed by a specialist of your healthcare team. Your family doctor may eventually take over. The schedule of monitoring visits is different for each person. >> Category: Melanoma and Skin Cancer
  • Healthy Diet Reduces the Occurrence of Leukemia    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Non-Hodgkin lymphoma is a type of leukemia that starts in lymphoid tissue and lymph nodes. It is caused by the transformation and uncontrolled proliferation of certain cells of our immune system. Latest study by Mayo Clinic suggested that increased consumption of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants could reduce the incidence of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. >> Category: Leukemia
  • Liver Cirrhosis is the Major Cause of Liver Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Most of the hepatocellular carcinoma develops due to cirrhosis of liver. The cirrhosis is the result of a slow transformation of the liver in a hard organ. The cirrhotic liver is gradually formed scar tissue that is gradually replacing the cells necessary for its operation. Cirrhosis has high risk of developing nodules that can become cancerous. >> Category: Liver Cancer
  • Cancer Can Be Prevented by Avoiding Carcinogens    By: Ritu Choudhary

    There are many cancer causing agents referred as carcinogens, if consumed in heavy amount may cause cancer after certain period. So be aware of these carcinogens and prevent cancer. Here different types of carcinogens are mentioned in this article. >> Category: Cancer Prevention
  • Cancer Causes One of the Biggest Casualties Among Children Across the World.    By: Ritu Choudhary

    Beyond the age of 1 year, the second leading cause of death after accidents is cancer among children. Around 2000 new cases of cancer in children and adolescents (before age 18) and are counted Europe each year at an annual risk of occurrence of approximately 1 / 500 to 600 children between 0 and 18. Acute leukemia and cancers of the lymphatic organs account for 40% of these malignant diseases of >> Category: Childhood Cancer
  • HPV and Cervical Cancer    By: Ritu Choudhary

    There are about 200 HPV that can infect humans. Some of these viruses affect the skin, mucous membranes other oral, anal or genital organs. The consequences of these infections are most often benign - skin warts, ano-genital warts etc. But some sexually transmitted HPV cause cancer of the cervix. Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer in women worldwide. In addition, HPV can be detected >> Category: Cervical Cancer
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